It turns out the reason PIX didn’t work with Direct3D 10 programs was that I was using a D3DDEVTYPE_NULLREF device. I binged this and found nothing, so I assume I am the first person in eh world to find out that PIX does not like these. Simply changing it to a HAL device worked fine. Now I can debug it in PIX, it looks like I regurgitated the index buffer somewhere, because that is messed up :/.
What I have done today successfully is generate adjacency data for my meshes. Adjacency indices are passed into the geometry shader, and normally this is done by DirectX with meshes. But as we know, meshes are being phased out in DX10?! Following a thread at GameDev it was quite simple, just a case of doubling the size of the index buffer and putting in the index for the adjacent triangle in between each other.

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