Since I finished (except for materials) .pdmesh file loading in pdEngine, I have been working on a mesh viewer application. Now, this is not a game and requires a proper GUI, and everyone knows that C# is the only satisfactory way to do this. I don’t want to be meddling in MFC, I want nice windows, made by WPF.
This means that I need to create a wrapper for pdEngine in C++/CLI, so that I can get it working through C#. I’d never used C++/CLI at all before last week, so it was an interesting learning experience. I was previously biased against it as a horrible language hacked together, between native and managed, which in some ways it is, and yet it works and doesn’t have many annoyances.

That is the language however. I am using Visual Studio 2010 (release candidate, but I will get the final through DreamSpark in due course), and for all its bells and whistles, can’t handle C++/CLI for shit. There is absolutely no C++/CLI intellisense. It sounds stupid, but intellisense makes it so much easier to program, especially when writing a wrapper. I don’t have to remember all the variable names I have given, when copying lots from one location to another, it prompts me.
This is why, when I found out there was no intellisense in VS2010 (and there was in VS2008) I got very annoyed. I ended up downloading an addon, called Visual Assist X, which essentially does intellisense better, through an extension. It includes C++/CLI. Now, I think if one small company can get out C++/CLI within months of a beta of the IDE, a multinational corporation shouldn’t have to drop it because of “time constraints”.

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